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Chocolate Mud Mouth™ Tooth Powder


Chocolate Mud Mouth™ Tooth Powder


Our famous Mud Mouth™ now in powder form and formulated even better than ever! Formulated for total mouth health, our mineral rich tooth powder is the perfect way to clean and whiten your teeth, freshen your breath, and so much more!

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Who knew brushing your teeth with chocolate could be so healthy?! Studies show that the theobromine in raw cacao can make teeth less vulnerable to bacterial acid erosion that could lead to cavities.Our chocolate Mud Mouth™ Tooth Powder is absolutely perfect for kids and adults who prefer a more mild flavor. While it does eliminate bad breath, it does not have the minty burn. And no need to worry if your kids swallow it! It's perfectly safe and healthy!

With that just-left-the-dentist feel, your mouth will notice the difference immediately! We've added just enough activated charcoal (from organic coconuts) to aid in removing unwanted discoloration without removing necessary minerals. Mud Mouth™ is designed for total mouth health and is made with only organic, food-grade ingredients. What you DON'T get is all the junk like fluoride, triclosan, SLS, petroleum products, parabens, or anything else that doesn't belong in your mouth (or anywhere else for that matter). Don't just clean your teeth. Give them what they need to be strong and bright!

TO USE: Simply wet your toothbrush and tap off any extra drips, dip the bristles in the tooth powder, and brush! For best results, brush 2-3x daily.

100% Organic Ingredients: calcium bentonite clay, diatomaceous earth, activated coconut charcoal, raw cacao powder, baking soda, Celtic Sea Salt©, xylitol, and clove powder


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